Mount Lebanon Cemetery - Glendale, Queens County, New York
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Monday, January 18 is Martin Luther King Jr Day. The Cemetery office will be closed. The grounds will remain open for visitation.

Cemetery Services

Graves & Plots For Sale:
The purchase of cemetery property is a very important decision. Making your purchase now avoids a hasty decision at a time filled with grief and confusion. The site of your choice can be reserved prior to need with a small down payment.

We recommend calling or e-mailing our office to schedule a no obligation appointment. We're available to meet with you Monday through Friday and on Sunday.
Family Plots:
The Cemetery offers for sale a variety of locations for family plots. A family plot consists of a minimum of 4 graves and can increase in size by 2 grave increments thereafter. A family plot is traditionally memorialized with a large monument inscribed with the family name(s) and with footstones marking each burial.


Single Gravesites:
The Cemetery offers for sale a variety of locations for single gravesites. A single gravesite is traditionally memorialized with an upright headstone. Side-by-side single gravesites memorialized with a double headstone are a very popular option for a husband and wife. A single gravesite may also be utilized for the burial of an urn (cremated remains).

Family Mausoleums:
The Cemetery offers parcels of land available for sale for the erection of a private family mausoleum.


Care & Planting Information:
During the growing season, which runs April through October, the Cemetery is staffed with a full gardening and landscaping crew. Planting options for your family's plot or gravesite(s) include English Ivy, Taxus Evergreen, Juniper Evergreen and Sod (Grass).

What is Seasonal/Annual Care?
The terms "care", "annual care" and "seasonal care" are used interchangeably and shall mean the mowing of grass on graves or plots a minimum of four times per year at periodic intervals beginning in April and ending in October, trimming of plants, pruning of shrubs in the spring and fall. Care may be renewed and paid annually in accordance with the charges in effect for that year. The care charge is not prorated and therefore should be paid upon receipt of the solicitation in order to take advantage of the entire care season. The payment of the care charge does not include the replacement of any shrubs, flowers, plants, sodding or re-sodding of any grave or plot. Upon payment of care, the grave or plot will be inspected and an estimate will be sent for any work needed other then the routine cutting and cleaning of the site.

What is Perpetual Care/Endowed Care/Perpetual Care Endowment?
There is no such thing as Perpetual Care. We are required to use this term because it is defined in the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York. Perpetual Care is, in fact, Endowed Care. An endowment is given to the Cemetery to maintain a plot or a grave in accordance with the provisions of the law. Once the plot or grave is endowed, the principal amount is invested in securities that are legal for Trust Funds and it remains invested in perpetuity. Only the income on the principal amount is used for the care and maintenance of the plot or grave. If the endowment proves to be insufficient over time, care and maintenance may be reduced. Additional funds may be added to the principal endowment at any time to help generate greater income.

Please call or e-mail our office with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the care and maintenance of your family's plot or grave. Our current charges for care, planting and additional work can be given over the phone or via written estimate. An estimate for Perpetual/Endowed Care, including information on how to provide an endowment via monthly payments, can be sent upon request. All charges are subject to change without notice.

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