In-Ground Burials

Graves & Plots For Sale:

The purchase of cemetery property is a very important decision. Making your purchase now avoids a hasty decision at a time filled with grief and confusion. The site of your choice can be reserved prior to need with a small down payment.

We recommend calling or e-mailing our office to schedule a no obligation appointment. We're available to meet with you Monday through Friday and on Sunday.

Family Plots:

The Cemetery offers for sale a variety of locations for family plots. A family plot consists of a minimum of 4 graves and can increase in size by 2 grave increments thereafter. A family plot is traditionally memorialized with a large monument inscribed with the family name(s) and with footstones marking individual burials.

Single Gravesites:

The Cemetery offers for sale a variety of locations for single gravesites. A single gravesite is traditionally memorialized with an upright headstone. Side-by-side single gravesites memorialized with a double headstone are a very popular option for a husband and wife. A single gravesite may also be utilized for the burial of an urn (cremated remains).

Family Mausoleums:

The Cemetery offers for sale parcels of land for the construction of a private family mausoleum. While the Cemetery sells the land and the care services for the mausoleum, the design and construction is ultimately coordinated by an independent monument firm. We can certainly assist in selecting the appropriate firm to guide you through this project.