Mount Lebanon Cemetery - Glendale, Queens County, New York
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Interment Search/Genealogy

Interment search allows for a comprehensive search of all burials. You may enter a specific name (i.e. Samuel Rubin), or just a few letters of the first and last names to expand your search results (i.e. searching "Sa Rub" will bring up Samuel Rubin, Sarah Rubinstein and Sadie Rubinfeld). Search interments using the month and year of death to help narrow results for more common names. Enter the name (or the first few letters) of a society/organization, synagogue/congregation or family circle to get a listing of all burials within their grounds. A full list of societies, synagogues and family circles can be found in the About Us section of the website.

If you are unable to locate an individual you believe was buried at Mount Lebanon Cemetery please call or email our office and we will assist in your search.

If you would like additional information about a grave, care, contact info, etc. please call or email our office and we will provide assistance.

Note: If your search results do not indicate a society, the burial is located in a private family plot or mausoleum.

First Name Last Name Date of Death (Month / Year)
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