Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day. The Cemetery office will be closed. The grounds will remain open for visitation.

Grave Care

What is Care?

Care is the mowing of grass, trimming of plants, pruning of shrubs, and cleaning of family mausoleums on a rotational basis throughout the care season, which runs April through October.

What is Seasonal Care?

Seasonal care is a pay-as-you-go service. There is no obligation. If you want care during any given year, simply remit payment. If not, you can ignore the care notice. It should be noted that seasonal care is not prorated and therefore should be paid prior to April in order to take advantage of the entire season. Seasonal care includes only the basic services described above. It does NOT include replacement of plants or shrubs, re-seeding, or washing or leveling monuments. If seasonal care is paid we will inspect the site and send an estimate for any needed landscaping or monument work. Again, there is no obligation.

What is Perpetual Care?

Perpetual care is more accurately known as Endowed Care. Funds are given to the Cemetery to establish an endowment. In accordance with the provisions of the law, the funds are invested in perpetuity in securities that are legal for trust funds. Only the income on the principal endowment is used to pay for care and maintenance expenses. If the endowment proves to be insufficient over time, care and maintenance may be reduced. Funds may be added to the principal endowment at any time to help generate greater income.

Endowed care includes the basic services described above in addition to the replacement of plants or shrubs, re-seeding, and washing or leveling monuments, provided there are sufficient funds in the endowment account.

What is the care, landscaping, and work schedule?

Care Months: April - October
Planting Months: April, May, September, October
Seeding Months: April, September, October
Monument Work Months: June, July, August

Please call or e-mail our office with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the care and maintenance of your family's plot, grave, or mausoleum. Our current charges for care, planting and additional work can be given over the phone or via written estimate. An estimate for Perpetual/Endowed Care, including information on how to provide an endowment via monthly payments, can be sent upon request. All charges are subject to change without notice.