Public Mausoleum

The Cemetery has responded to the ever growing trend towards above-ground burial with the construction of three public mausoleums. A public or community mausoleum gives you the opportunity to be entombed above-ground, in either a single or tandem crypt, without the expense of constructing a private building. Two of our public mausoleums have niche walls, which provide an above-ground place for cremated remains. Above-ground burial is a one time cost. There are no extras like memorial stones, care or planting.

The purchase of crypt space is a very important decision. Making your purchase now avoids a hasty decision at a time filled with grief and confusion. The site of your choice can be reserved prior to need with a small down payment.

We recommend calling or e-mailing our office to schedule a no obligation appointment. We're available to meet with you Monday through Friday and on Sunday.

The Sanctuary at Mount Lebanon:
The first indoor Jewish mausoleum in New York City, The Sanctuary is beautiful and dignified. A chapel area is available, at no additional charge, to hold a funeral or unveiling service, or just to sit and remember your loved ones while visiting. In addition to indoor single and tandem crypts, The Sanctuary also has an indoor niche wall as well as outdoor single crypts and niches.

The Community Mausoleums:
Our Block C and Block S community mausoleums provide above-ground burial in an outdoor garden setting. In addition to single and tandem crypts, the Block S mausoleum also has three niche walls.

The Wall of Remembrance:
On the Wall of Remembrance the names of your loved ones may be inscribed as a lasting and loving tribute no matter where they may be interred. The Wall of Remembrance has become a popular setting to memorialize those who died while serving their country and those who perished in the Holocaust.

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